We encourage men to become leaders and we provide an environment for leaders to flourish. @ THE CORE is a place where you can develop your own ministry with other men. A ministry within a ministry as we put it. We provide the place, the refreshments and the material while the men who attend invite other men. Co-workers, neighbors, family members or the guy who gives you your coffee every morning. We all have men we come alongside every day.

No matter where you are walking, no matter whether you believe or don't believe, whether you attend a church or not- @ THE CORE was created for you. So why not join us one Friday morning?

Two things you can expect on a Friday:

Coffee from the Original Pancake House


Einstein Bagels  or

Krispy Kreme doughnuts  or

Dunkin Donuts

Our struggles are not uncommon as men. In fact there are many men in our midst that we never know share the same challenges in their careers, relationships or past history. No matter what the story may be, at the core of every man there is a struggle to fill a void. Do you feel it? So what do you do? Is there a place you can go and feel free to explore the options?

For this very reason @ THE CORE was created. We wanted to meet men where they are currently walking because we're right there beside them walking the same path. Some things may look different in each of our lives but we share a common bond and a common struggle. Let's face it, who knows men better than other men?

@ THE CORE provides an interactive environment where men can experience God through relevant topics, table discussions and the building of relationships. Each Friday morning men join together in conversation about something they know, something they can lean into and discuss. It's not a study and there is not a test afterward. It is a place where men find encouragement no matter where they are on the path.


Stay Connected With @ THE CORE

"I believe our stories are part of what inspires us to reach deeper and higher as men. It is where we find encouragement to push to the next level. The enemy doesn't like what you guys are doing, but I know God is using you guys to lead others to a new path of freedom and challenges. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a participant."

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"@ THE CORE is an encouragement to me, mainly because you have demonstrated your care with actions, not just words."

Comments From Men Who Visit:

"Let me tell you something, at work I put in more than I get back, but with @ the core, I get more out of it than I put in..."

"I don't have friends outside of work, @ THE CORE is what I needed to help me grow and get others perspectives and meet other men that can help me to see that I am not alone in my struggles."

Our Mission

"You're doing a great thing and I have really enjoyed being a part of it."

About Us

Encouraging men to walk in Truth for life.

Based upon John 14:6 we believe there is a path for men to follow that will lead to the best life a man can experience.